About Our Brewery
We're proud of our place...

We signed a lease in July of 2012. It took us eight months of buiding and permitting before Mason City Brewing opened on February 23, 2013.

We're located inside an amazing old building in the heart of Mason City's historic downtown. Our brewery and tap room has tin ceilings and original maple plank flooring.

We assembled a 1bbl brewhouse that employs the latest in technological advances. Our system is computer controlled to ensure the most consistent product possible. We use a recirculating mash system that indirectly maintains temperatures while clarifying the pre-fermented beer.

We brew two 1bbl batches in a brew day to produce 62 gallons of beer which we ferment in temperature controlled fermenters.

After fermentation is complete (3-6 weeks for most of our styles) we transfer the beer to brite beer tanks for carbonation where we carefully carbonate each beer according to style guidelines. Then we keg the beer for serving.