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Sorry. Still closed. We miss you all, except Charby. It’s gonna take a few more weeks of quarantine for that guy.

Sun, Mar 15 at 9pm

For the safety of our staff and customers we decided to close things down for a couple of weeks. Why? Because you can never go wrong by taking extra precautions. Also because we can. We’re going to hunker down to help do our part to help slow this virus down. We’ll stay in touch while we’re away. If you really want to have a beer send us a message and we’ll hang out. Tag your trivia teammates and share with others to get the word out. Peace and love!

Tue, Mar 3 at 9am
Fri, Feb 28 at 7am

Tonight! Come meet Karl. Have a beer. Look at art.

Sun, Feb 23 at 9pm
Sun, Feb 16 at 9am

Brett Newski's new single is getting national airplay. He's playing an early show at Mason City Brewing tonight, Sunday, February 16 at 7pm. No cover charge! This will be an unforgettable show! Don't miss it!

Fri, Feb 14 at 11am

Comedy tonight! This will be an unforgettable show!

Sun, Feb 9 at 7pm

One week from tonight! Come to this show. You will not regret it.

Thu, Feb 6 at 11pm

Levi Smith and the Bad Landings are setting up for Friday nights show! It’s going to be great! Levi even got a haircut. You should come. Brendan Otto will open at 7. No cover charge.

Wed, Feb 5 at 9am
Sat, Feb 1 at 5pm

Come try our new honey Belgian style ale! It’s made from honey harvested in Mason City’s North End by Jeremy True. We’ve been told that North End bees may be a little rough around the edges but they have a heart of gold. Jeremy is playing with The Hats at Brix Wine & Whiskey tonight. Stop by on your way to the show!

Fri, Jan 24 at 5pm

Get a Red Ale and a shot of Jameson for $9 for our Irish celebration tonight! Langer’s Ball starts at 8!

Fri, Jan 24 at 8am

This is new! We have even more options for you. Two new beers on tap too! Langer’s Ball tonight!

Fri, Jan 24 at 7am

Tonight!!! Free show starts at 8!

Mon, Jan 20 at 5pm

Trivia resumes both Wednesday and Thursday this week! This ten week season will be quizmaster Chad’s last season before he leaves to hike the 2000 mile Appalachian trail. Get your team together! It won’t be weird. It’s free to play and there are prizes. Game starts at 7 and ends before 9.

Fri, Jan 3 at 7pm

We decided to take in a hockey game! Here the North Iowa Bulls Hockey team celebrates their first goal in their new home downtown!

Thu, Dec 26 at 8pm

Our generous trivia customers all chipped in and gave the pizza delivery guy from Little Chicago of Mason City a $104 tip! Christmas spirit in action!

Thu, Dec 26 at 5pm
Thu, Dec 26 at 10am

Here’s something fun to do with your family and friends! Free trivia tonight (Thursday) at 7!

Thu, Dec 19 at 6am

Trivia tonight! Don’t get left home alone.

Sat, Nov 30 at 7pm

Sound check for Dick Prall CD release show starting at 8. We opted out of tonight’s downtown Main Street Mason City holiday jammie bar crawl. So if you’re looking for a place to hear some good music and good beer away from the herd you should come by. We guarantee this will be a hell of a show! They played in front of 2000 people in Cedar Rapids two weeks ago. Come see them for free at MCB!

Fri, Nov 29 at 5pm

Come try our new holiday imperial stout! It’s been aging for more than two months. It’s sweet, roasty and creamy delicious. At 8% ABV it’s sure to warm you up.

Tue, Nov 26 at 7pm
Fri, Nov 22 at 6pm

Come play some games and drink some beer! What’s your favorite board game? We’re always looking to add more.

Thu, Nov 21 at 7am

Today we celebrate the opening of the Mason City Kwik Star! It’s a day to be remembered. Featuring delicious treats representing the four food groups of the proletariat food pyramid: bread, milk, donuts and taquitos. Our dreams have become a vivid reality to explore.