3 days ago

The Creek Rocks!

4 days ago

We’re open! Come to the show tonight at 8! The band drove 500 miles to play for you!

5 days ago

Free show starts at 8! Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu of Springfield, Mo. will bring you a taste of Ozarks folk music with traditional & original songs. This will be their first time at MCB. Let's give them a warm welcome on a snowy night.

6 days ago

Tonight and Thursday's trivia prizes are brought to you by our friends at Burke's Bar & Grill North! Dan and crew have recently remodeled their entire kitchen and dining room. They have great home-cooked food and friendly staff.

Wed, Jan 9 at 2pm

This week's second and third place trivia prizes will be provided by Lorados Mason City. We've been gong there since they first opened in the 90's and we consider our second home. They have great food and drink, the friendliest bartenders and have cultivated a great live music scene in Mason City. In fact, they were inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of fame last year as a venue. Our beer is on tap there too! Come play for a chance to win some Lorados gift certificates.

Tue, Jan 8 at 7pm

Late night brew session!

Fri, Jan 4 at 2pm

Sun is shining! 2019 mugs are here! The Langer's Ball tonight! Milk Stout back on tap! Exclamation point! Whooo!

Wed, Jan 2 at 12pm

Trivia is back this week after a short holiday break. We're still doing the fifty-dollar fat stack cash prize for the winner but now we're offering gift certificates for local businesses as 2nd and 3rd place prizes. We'd like to welcome the The Blue Heron Bar & Grill this week as our inaugural partner. Have you been there? Their food is amazing! It's all so fresh! They also have a great beer selection and the service can't be beat. We can't say enough about this family owned establishment that has breathed new life into the north end. If you haven't been there yet you need to go. They also post daily specials on their Facebook.

Wed, Dec 26 at 2pm

Reminder: No trivia tonight or tomorrow due to the holidays, but we're open for your quiet enjoyment. Come have a beer!

Fri, Dec 14 at 8pm

Comedy night!

Fri, Dec 14 at 1pm

One of Mason City’s finest humans, Dave Bresnahan, is moving to Seattle. You may have seen him walking with his giant team of Alaskan Husky dogs. He’s been one of our best friends at MCB and Saturday we will celebrate him.

Fri, Dec 7 at 11am

Tonight! Free show starts at 8 p.m.

Tue, Dec 4 at 2pm

It's trivia time again! Every Wednesday and Thursday. Get a team together or come solo and join another team. Come any time. Fabulous prizes. Our beer makes you smarter! ® ™

Fri, Nov 30 at 8pm

Stephen Simmons from Nashville is here tonight! Plenty of seating. New beers on tap. Come downtown!

Fri, Nov 30 at 4pm

A winter storm warning has been issued for Mason City. We know you would like to come out for a beer tonight but you also need to get prepared so we’re giving away a partial gallon of milk and some bread to one lucky customer. Crackers too.

Sat, Nov 24 at 5pm

Levi Smith and band tonight! Show starts at 7. Come downtown for the bar crawl!

Wed, Nov 21 at 5pm

Sound check! Our Row House porter is back on tap after a summer hiatus! Come down for good beer and music by Juni West.

Wed, Nov 21 at 11am

Holiday schedule: Juni West and band Wednesday, Closed Thanksgiving, Open Friday with two new beers on tap, Jingle Mingle Bar Crawl Saturday with Levi Smith and band. Come downtown this weekend!

Mon, Nov 19 at 9pm

Wednesday night! Come to the show! New beers on tap

Sat, Nov 17 at 5pm

Levi and band will be playing during the Jingle Mingle Bar Hop next Saturday night. You should come. There will be no Christmas music. There's plenty of time for that in December. Last year Levi played Christmas music at a local nursing home. He practiced for several days ahead of time. He even bought a book of Christmas music. When the time came to play he was nervous. He said they were appreciative. Levi for USA!

Sat, Nov 17 at 5pm

Free show starts at 7 p.m.

Tue, Nov 13 at 6pm

Our friends Cole and Kendra Porter of Springfield, Mo., were picked to be on Real County on USA Network. The show starts tonight at 9 p.m.Their band, Porter Union, has played our brewery several times and we think they deserve all the fame they have coming to them. We're not sure if they'll be on tonight, but we expect to see them throughout the series. Check it out!

Thu, Nov 8 at 4pm

We'll have Day Peace Comedy from 8-9, then Izabel Crane from Springfield, MO will take the stage for a late night performance. Free show!

Wed, Oct 31 at 4pm

This tall drink of water is hosting trivia tonight! Come avoid the beggars in your neighborhood for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Doing a costume contest tonight too. Happy Halloween!

Wed, Oct 17 at 7pm

Free show starts at 8 p.m.